Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much do I pay to have a midwife?
A. Since 1994, midwifery care has been completely covered by OHIP for permanent Ontario residents. There is also limited funding available for new immigrants to Ontario who are waiting for OHIP coverage.

Q. How do I become a client?
A. We ask that you phone our office during business hours to register. You may leave a confidential voicemail at this number. Please get in touch as early in your pregnancy as possible as spaces are limited. Occasionally we do have room to admit clients later on in pregnancy so we recommend you register to have a spot on our waiting list.

Q. Can I also see an obstetrician if I’m in midwifery care?
A. As midwives are funded as the primary healthcare providers for women with low-risk pregnancies, women make a choice to see one or the other. If you are a midwifery client and there is a concern during your pregnancy, you may be referred to an obstetrician for a consultation or perhaps as a transfer of care depending on the situation. Note that midwives and obstetricians offer the same number of visits during pregnancy.

Q. Could I have an epidural if I have a midwife?
A. Midwives in our community practice with full scope out of Chatham Kent Health Alliance.  Women choosing midwives have the same access to medication in labour as women with other maternity care providers.

Q. How much training do midwives have?
A. Midwives are graduates of a four-year Bachelor of Health Science in Midwifery degree through the Ontario Midwifery Education Program. This is offered through three Ontario universities: McMaster, Ryerson and Laurentian. An internationally trained midwife may complete the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP). 
Midwives maintain their skills and competencies by re-certifying in Adult CPR, neonatal resuscitation and emergency skills.